Website design

Good website design is no accident

Distilling your reason for being and your target market to a set of symbols on a web page takes time, tools and it takes imagination.

If you have these in abundance then to get you going, we can help you set up your own content management system and provide some pointers on where to start.

If you don't, then we can step up with whatever you lack.

What do you need?

First, you need to be found.  It's not enough to just create a web site, your customers need to find you using the tools at their command.

Most will use a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) and if your listing is not in the first 2 pages - someone else gets the business.

Next, you want to convert the arrival of a customer into an enquiry or a sale, so you need calls to action. Product displays and purchase options, or contact forms.

How much can you expect to spend?

That is a bit of a moving target until you decide what you are trying to achieve.

A shopping list might consist of:

  • List and sell products online
  • Show your skillset/s and invite queries
  • provide online quotes
  • Start a blog
  • Set up your club website and membership maintenance portal

So it's like sausages - depends how much you want, but once we have that nailed down, you will get a written estimate that shows deliverables and has definite check points for stopping development or rethinking.

Can I have it tomorrow?

Well ... Quite possibly.  A CMS framework with nothing but sample content can be up and running in a day.  You would then be able to add your content, source and add site templates and get yourself up and flying.  If you want us to choose or develop the look and feel (template) and set up your content, then the time will depend entirely on how much is involved.

On-going maintenance, search engine optimisation (SEO), contracts ...

You can do as much of the maintenance and SEO as you want - or as little.  Once your site is up and running, We can look after it for you or show you how it's done - best of all, if you want to shift, there will be no problems - one month's notice and you're free to fly.

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Maybe you're ahead of all that and you want to start hosting other websites and writing your own systems from scratch, or designing CRMs and maintaining them for others.

Choose your scenario

  • Run your own hosting site
  • Design and maintain your own website
  • Have a site designed and hosted but maintain it yourself
  • Have a site designed, hosted and maintained

Or you may have some other scenario in mind.

Whatever - start a conversation with our design team

The longest journey starts with one step